John McHale completed a build for us in 2011 which involved an extension of approximately 1,000 square feet and a renovation of an old cottage of 1,250 square feet. The extension included 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen/dining/living area.

The work started in early July 2011, and we moved in in late September – so about 12 weeks from start to finish. No one (including the architect) believed it could be done in such a small time-frame, but John committed to it and delivered as promised.

Our architect and structural engineer checked the quality at all stages and were happy with what they saw. We were delighted to get into our new house, and we love it still. We would highly recommend John and his team.

John brought a large crew on-site and they worked extremely hard over long days to get our house finished. The guys were all professional and friendly, and we were impressed with their work ethic. John also introduced us to suppliers for all our fixtures and fittings (windows, kitchen, tiles, bathrooms etc.) who all provided excellent service and worked with John to get the materials on-site at the right times.

Everything worked like clockwork, and we couldn’t believe how quickly the project progressed. As with any project, we hit a few small bumps along the way, but we sorted them out directly with John quickly and with a minimum of fuss – he was very straight to deal with and helped us make the right decisions.

The project was fixed price and where there was any additional cost involved John consulted with us before any work was started. We finished the project very slightly over budget (but only where we had increased the scope and agreed the additional cost).

We would be happy to be contacted by anyone considering John McHale builders to discuss our experience in more detail. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John. I’d add that we know several other families who started builds around the same time as us and finished about a year later, so we consider ourselves very lucky to have found John and his team.

We got a result we were delighted with in a the shortest possible time frame and within our budget.